Virgo Walk

£65.00 £60.00

The seasonal time of Virgo is that of the fully ripened summer harvest. After taking some rest in the previous months, human beings have gathered the strength to return to work and store the fruits of the Earth. Virgo’s work requires time, patience and careful selection and discrimination as the quality of the labour will have decisive repercussions in the following autumn and winter.

The gift of Virgo offers a pathway towards an awareness of a Higher Service, a constructive purpose in life and a connection to a human state of purification (of mind and body) that is serving a sacred function in the tapestry of matter (God the Mother).

Come and be open to receive, learn about and embody the medicine of Virgo that carries traditions of purity, health and healing, humility and unconditional service, discipline, critical capacity, an eye for detail, careful selection, discernment and mental discrimination and earth shamanism. Walk with Virgo a path of accessing your own healing abilities and your sacred purpose in service to the Divine Source and of humanity.

Focus: digestive system, intestine, spleen, pancreas, sympathetic nervous system

Date:  5th of September 10am

Location: Glastonbury, you will receive exact location details through email