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Guided Group Walks in the Glastonbury Zodiac

Pilgrimages and nature adventures that are tailored specifically for your group, following the path of The Temple of the Stars, a landscape zodiac where the stars in the heavens are mirrored on Earth in the contours and features of the land.

These nature walks are crafted to the Group’s intentions and aim to provide a safe space to connect with the mysteries of the sacred landscape of the Glastonbury Zodiac and gain a deeper, more embodied understanding of your own connection and relationship with the astrological archetypes, the zodiacal wheel, the seasons of Mother Nature and the celestial bodies.



The group walks offer a combination of creative and experiential learning techniques, myth and stories, to encourage you to tap into the medicine of the zodiacal signs and be more attuned with the seasons and cycles of Mother Nature and the movement of the celestial bodies.

Each walk can be experienced as a soulful learning quest and a time to connect with yourself and your own pathway in life, your dreams and aspirations, to reflect, to be inspired, to awaken your senses in nature.

The focus of the walks will be on the experiences and teachings that we receive, our connection to the Heart of the Land and from each other as fellow walking companions.

The walking distance can vary for each walk, but on average we walk at least 3 miles. All learning materials and transport from and to Glastonbury is provided for.

Previous to meeting, we will connect and discuss what your needs are, your walking pace and other preferences, to make sure you have a safe and enriching experience. To book, use the contact form on the website.


£140 per person (for two people) – this offering is tailored to your birthchart as well

£95 per person (3 people)

£75 per person (4-8 people)

£55 per person ( 9-12 people)

Your booking will only be confirmed when you have paid the 20% deposit, which is transferable but non-refundable. A request for the remainder will be made latest two weeks before the walk.