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One to One – A Pilgrimage in the Glastonbury Zodiac


This Astrological Pilgrimage is a carefully crafted offering, tailored uniquely to you, aiming to provide a safe, supportive space, where you can have a transformative, curative experience and gain a deeper understanding of the signatures and the inner dynamics within your Natal Chart, while walking in nature and exploring the mystical landscape of the Glastonbury Zodiac.


What is included in the One to One Astro Pilgrimage

* Information and knowledge about the Glastonbury Zodiac (The Temple of the Stars)

* A Birth Chart Reading with emphasis on particular themes that you wish to explore

* A nature guided tour in the Glastonbury Zodiac landscape connecting with the zodiacal energies that are most relevant to you and your intention

* An experience of a transformative day that is filled with stories, myth, song and creative expression, ritual and embodied play, artistic activities and experiential learning

* A uniquely distinct recipe of spiritual and physical practices that you can then incorporate into your daily life

* Attunement with the seasons and cycles of Mother Nature, a deeper relationship with the movement of the celestial bodies and the archetypal energies of the astrological wheel

* The natural, curative medicine of Mother Nature

…and more

Please read:

This offering is recommended to all those who are already familiar with astrology and wish to go deeper into the exploration of their Astrological Birth Chart and are open to experiential learning, astrological drama and ceremony and are more than comfortable walking in nature for more than three hours/day.

Every Individual Journey is absolutely unique and I will make sure I organize the day according to you and your intentions for the session. Previous to meeting, we will connect and discuss what your needs are, your walking pace and other preferences, to make sure you have a safe and enriching experience.

All learning materials and transport is provided from and to Glastonbury.

Your booking is transferable only once and in case of cancellation, 20% is non-refundable.