Taurus Walk


Date:  14th of May, 2022,  10am- 2pm

In this nature walk we follow the path of the Taurus figure in the Glastonbury Zodiac, learning about and awakening the qualities of this archetype through interactive, embodied activities, myth and stories, ceremony and nature’s healing remedies, rekindling our connection with the traditions of strength, trust in and deep appreciation of life and the gifts of the Earth, affectionate sensuality, creative pleasure, stability, and grounded realism.

Taurus is filled with the life energy of Spring and absorbs the solar, fiery rays of the first sign of the zodiac, using the Sun’s energy to warm the Earth and allow the fruits and vegetables to grow from the fertilized soil. Taurus brings forth the fullness of resurrected life and awakens in us the feminine, Venusian force of creation.

Focus: Neck, thyroid gland, Voice


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