Scorpio Walk


The seasonal time of Scorpio marks the definitive development of the intuitive process in nature and the prevalence of night over day. Leaves die, the earth retreats, while many animals and men are forced to abandon their fields because of lack of light or cold weather.

This is a great time for the Earth to have some rest so that the process of regeneration can be properly activated for the next cycle to come.

Come and be open to receive, learn about and embody the medicine of Scorpio that carries traditions of mystery, death and rebirth, deep transformations, regeneration, ending and learning to let go, ancestral legacy, power and passion, emotional integration and connection to the intuitive self.

Focus : organs of elimination, sexual organs

Date: 6th November, 10am

Location: Glastonbury, you will receive exact location details through email

Early bird ends 21/10/2021


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