Sagittarius Walk


The seasonal time of Sagittarius is the darkest of the year, yet the most promising period, for it announces the coming of the winter solstice and the gradual return of the light. It is a phase of deep faith that reflects in the preparation for the religious and social celebrations of the end of the year. Human beings begin to devote more time to their family and tribe and enjoy the bounty which has been collected during the growing season. This is therefore a time of contemplation, a time on taking on vows and making resolutions.

Come and be open to receive, learn about and embody the medicine of Sagittarius, that carries traditions of higher visions, belief systems and faith, pilgrimage and quest for knowledge and higher aspiration, philosophy, deep thought systems, religion, higher education, expansion of perception, abundance, celebration of all of aspects of life, expansion and joy.

Dash into an adventurous quest for truth in the field of idea, creed and faith.

Date: 12th of December, 10am


Location: Glastonbury, you will receive exact location details through email

Focus: hips, liver, thighs

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