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Leo Walk in the Glastonbury Zodiac


A one day alchemical pilgrimage following the legendary route of the Leo figure in the Glastonbury Zodiac.

A unique experience that combines astrology, creative arts, play, myth and stories and a beautiful nature walk, as to learn about, embody and awaken the essence of the Leo zodiacal archetype and connect with Mother Nature, others alike and the mystical Somerset landscape.

Saturday 30th of July


Meeting Location: Glastonbury

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The seasonal time of Leo represents the apex of summer, when the heat of the Sun is strong and allows the fruits and crops to reach their maximum ripeness and sweetness, before harvest time. This is a time of human being to enjoy life, have fun and be creative, receive the solar energies and mostly, rest in preparation for the labours that will follow during Virgo season.

We are all expressions of the Leo archetype, that is here to nurture its capacity of being creative, joyful, proud, magnetic, excited and generous, dwelling in the limelight and receiving admiration and it’s  gift  resides in one’s growing capacity to shine and generously disperse energy in all directions, the acknowledgement of one’s true identity in connection to a Divine Source.

The experience offers:

* astrological insight focused on the Leo energy delivered in a very clean, clear and interactive way

* information about the Glastonbury Zodiac

* embodiment practices to connect with Leo energy

* guidance in the Glastonbury Zodiac landscape

* ceremonial space of connection

* handouts and exercices that you can practice at home

* connection with others alike

* and much more

Meeting details and what to bring with you on the day will be sent through email once you have booked and secured your place

There is only a limited number of spaces on this walk. Payments are non-refundable.

Note that we will be walking for a maximum of 4 hours at a gentle pace on the day; make sure you are well prepared and rested for a 4 hour walk.

Join us and be open to embody the medicine of Leo that carries traditions of affection, Solar connection, centeredness, courage, magnetism, generosity, playfulness, divine inspiration and rulership.

What pilgrims say:

“I loved the Leo walk with Andreea Bradu. I have very limited knowledge of astrology but it didn’t matter. The day was skilfully hosted to include everyone and meet a wide variety of individual needs. For me connecting with the land and stopping for reflection and ceremony was a powerful way to tune into ancestral energy and power. I came away feeling nurtured and inspired. Andreea is a wise and sensitive facilitator. Thank you so much.”(Deb Millar- Hallr Wood & Wild Roots Project)

“Thank you so much Andreea for the fabulous day we all had with you at this time of great Lionsgate energy on the planet 💚 a total inspiration to all and such a knowledgeable ambassador of the Glastonbury zodiac. I will definitely be doing another walk with yourself! Warm, talented, and charismatic along with a beautiful spirituality and wisdom 💖🌈💚The workshop was well structured, fun and exceptionally healing and I myself learnt lots of new things!”(Gela)