Gemini Walk


The seasonal time of Gemini is that of the transition between spring and summer, when trees are full of leaves and flowers thrive, a moment of great expansion for nature, a continuous exchange of data like the distribution of pollen and the last busy wave of human activities before the leisure of summer. Gemini offers the gift of tuning into the vibrational frequencies and tools of your intent and of communication and connection to all types of living beings in a way that clearly acknowledges them as part of you and you as part of them.

Come and connect to your creative mind and your unique story. Be open to receive, learn about and embody the medicine of this airy sign that carries traditions of versatility, curiosity, lightness of life, youthfulness and play, eloquence, as well as the mastery of the ordinary perception of the mind and its use in everyday communication, the ability to be detached from or fly through the emotional dramas to open up the access to other levels of perception.

Focus: breathing, organs of speech and hearing, arms, hands, nerves, mental faculties

Date: 12th of June,  10am

Location: Glastonbury, you will receive exact location details through email

(Early bird ends May 26th)

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