Cancer Walk


The seasonal time of Cancer starts with the Summer Solstice, the day of the year when the Sun reaches its maximum southern position on the horizon in the northern hemisphere, marking the longest period of daylight north of the equator. It is a time of ripening and stabilization after the intense growth of spring, a time to take a break and be nourished by the fruits of the seeds planted earlier in the year, a time to care for and give yourself a rest and uncover the inner work that awaits you.

Come and connect with your intuition and your own process of growth of the soul, to the wisdom carried in the waters of your emotions, your mother line and your roots.

Be open to receive, learn about and embody the medicine of this watery sign that carries traditions of mediumship, emotional intelligence, nourishment, sensitivity and attunement, home and the gift of releasing automatic habits and reactions that affect your growth and transformation.

Focus: breasts, stomach, ovaries, pituitary gland, sympathetic nervous system

Date: 10th of July, 10am – 5pm

Early bird ends June 19th

Location: Glastonbury, you will receive exact location details through email

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