Sound has always been a magical tool for healing. The entire universe is in a state of vibration and every part of our body has a vibratory frequency; our cells, our bones and the electromagnetic fields that surround us. When the brain waves and nervous system come into resonance, tension is released, and balance is restored.

The meditative vibrational sound frequencies oversee the mind into deep states of surrender and they are giving the nervous system space to relax and restore the body’s natural frequencies, to balance and heal, awakening a feeling of well-being, connection and peace.

Andreea’s sound baths are a gentle yet a very powerful experience, using a variety of instruments, including the shamanic drum, rattles, Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls, chimes  and her unique Voice. Incorporating astrological insight, each session is based around your needs as she guides you on a journey into deeper states of awareness, to connect more profoundly with Great Spirit, with Source, Mother Nature, and your own inner healing space.

Sound Journeys

In her sound journeys, Andreea brings forth and weaves ancestral songs of celebration, grief, gratitude and longing and those curative tonalities sang by the wise crones and the medicine women in ceremonies connected with initiation rites, births, death or celebrations in Nature's seasonal cycles, as well as a raw, unedited nature frequency of the Voice that has been known to act as a messenger of healing vibrations. 

What people from all walks of life Say

Andreea played musical instruments such as shamanic drum and crystal bowls. It was magical, I was covered with almost non-stop chills during the musical hour.

elena fernandes

“Andreea is such a special soul. She held space beautifully and brought a special kind of magic to our ceremony, connecting us with the sounds of the universe up on Glastonbury Tor. It will be a moment forever captured in my memory. I look forward to working with Andreea again in the future and to learn more about her gifts in astrology.”


“Thank you so much for your amazing Lunar reflections sound bath. It was lovely to meet you. Both me and Steve really enjoyed it and we will definitely be back when we can. If I lived nearer, I would be a regular of the Lunar Reflection gatherings. Warm wishes.

jess and steve

It always feels like Andreea is wholeheartedly involved in what she is doing and enjoying herself - nothing is ever forced or contrived. At the end of each evening Andreea does a sound bowl meditation. I have found these particularly valuable. I suffer from arthritis and have at times found the healing vibrations getting right into my joints. I definitely think that Andreea's work is at the higher end of the scale of what's on offer in Glastonbury.


“My journey began with a cup of Sacred Cacao, before lying down on a cosy bed in front of a fire, Andreea began her healing sound journey which was coupled by an amazing visualisation, I surrendered to the amazing vibrations that allowed my body to sink deep and soak up all the healing energies, I felt so held and nurtured and I can highly recommend a sound journey with Andreea.”

cathie pilgrim

Andreea's use of masks and sound really helped to cement the information and learning and I came away feeling empowered to take on board all that I had learnt that day.

Jessica Lucas