Sound Healing Baths

Sound has always been a magical tool for healing. The entire universe is in a state of vibration and every part of our body has a vibratory frequency; our cells, our bones and the electromagnetic fields that surround us. When the brain waves and nervous system come into resonance, tension is released, and balance is restored.

The meditative vibrational sound frequencies oversee the mind into deep states of surrender and they are giving the nervous system space to relax and restore the body’s natural frequencies, to balance and heal, awakening a feeling of well-being, connection and peace.

Andreea’s sound baths are a gentle yet a very powerful experience, using a variety of instruments, including the shamanic drum, rattles, Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls, chimes  and her Voice. Incorporating astrological insight, each session is based around your needs as she guides you on a journey into deeper states of awareness, to connect more profoundly with Source, Mother Nature, and your own inner knowing.

Astrology Sessions

Your astrological birth chart is your celestial “blueprint” of your soul’s journey in this lifetime; a star map for your evolutionary intentions. Working with your astrology can help deepen your connection with your true self, bring inspiration, clarity, and purpose, and guide you on your path back to wholeness.

In your astrology session with Andreea, you will be exploring different themes, symbols, patterns and perspectives to mobilize the healing powers of your psyche and to assist in you gaining a deeper understanding of your unique Voice, gifts and talents, challenges and lessons.

Drawing on your birth chart, Andreea facilitates a process of deep self-discovery, incorporating sound, shamanic practice, guided visualizations, masks, and other creative arts to open a sacred space where healing can occur. None of Andreea’s readings are predictive, because she believes that we always have free will and the power to co-create with the Universe.

CACAO Ceremonies

Known as the Food of the Gods, Mother Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that has been used ceremonially across Central and South America for millennia. Containing many nutrients and triggering the release of dopamine and endorphins, she helps rebalance our energy, restore good health, and release emotional blockages so we can open our hearts to love.

Medicine delivered through shamanic ceremonies is one of the oldest holistic healing practices. In these beautiful and intimate gatherings, Andreea will serve Ceremonial Grade Cacao, infused with a unique combination of spices and natural oils, and guide you to gently journey within, bathed in the vibrations of ancient chanting, crystal bowls, drums, chimes and other healing instruments, to align with who you truly are.

What Others Say

"My journey began with a cup of sacred cacao, before lying down on a cosy bed in front of a fire, Andreea began her healing sound journey which was coupled by an amazing visualisation, I surrendered to the amazing vibrations that allowed my body to sink deep and soak up all the healing energies, I felt so held and nurtured and I can highly recommend a sound journey with Andreea."

Catherine Pilgrim

"My session with Andreea was unlike any reading I had before. Her energy is incredibly beautiful and she has an amazing gift for astrology. The blend of chart reading with her shamanic guidance was so powerful. During her guided meditation, she led me to a version of myself I had not yet met and I continue to carry that strong woman inside of me. Truly life changing."

Kelly Vittengl

"I feel fortunate to have met Andreea and participate in her wonderful Cacao ceremony and sound journey. It was my first Cacao ceremony and was an amazing, heart opening experience. The connection Andreea has with the medicine is very beautiful and the sound journey to compliment the sacred medicine was perfect. I thank you for sharing the wisdom and holding the space in such a powerful but loving and gentle way and look forward to our paths crossing again."