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One Year Pilgrimage in the Glastonbury Zodiac


A transformative experience composed of twelve monthly walks ( plus one), following the path of The Temple of the Stars, a landscape zodiac where the stars in the heavens are mirrored on Earth in the contours and features of the land.

Filled with astrological insight, interactive learning, stories and myth, songs and ceremony, they offer a safe space for a deep alchemical exploration of our inner and outer relationship with the astrological archetypes and the seasonal cycles of Mother Nature.

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Once a month, we come together to walk attuned to the journey the Earth takes around the Sun in a year in the Glastonbury Zodiac, a circle of twelve giant landscape effigies soaked in history and legend and mapped out subtly in the Somerset countryside.

We will tap into and experience the medicine of each zodiacal energy through a diversity of embodied practices like: music, movement, creative arts, holistic medicine and guided imagery and drama.

Using astrological insight, we will come to better understand your own birth chart and tap into the curative qualities of each of the twelve zodiacal energies, while being immersed in the symbolism and myth of the Glastonbury Zodiac landscape.

The focus will be on the experiences and teachings that we receive from the heart of the land, from being on a sacred pilgrimage and our connection with each other, for walking the earth helps the earth. Like medieval pilgrimage routes and like many aborigines still do, we will be walking the “song lines’ of the land, to enhance the natural energies that flow through the Earth, through song, silence and prayer, helping to bring healing and balance to the environment and ourselves. Each quest can be seen as an initiation in the search for knowledge, wellbeing and connection to our life’s purpose, to the Sun and the stars, to our Mother Earth and her annual cycles, to fellow human beings and all of humanity.

* Note that this is a closed group, with a maximum number of 8 participants, in order to create an intimate, safe space and enough time to be able to explore each birth chart and each individual journey.

* We will walk an average of 3-4 miles/ day, so being familiar with walking in nature longer distance is necessary. Birth chart exploration, learning materials and transport from and to Glastonbury are included.

Total investment £845/ person

£815 (Early bird, if you book before October 14th 2023)

Payment plans available as well (email me)

Please read: Your booking will only be confirmed when you have paid  at least a 20% deposit, which is non-refundable.