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  • Luna’s Reflections – New Moon Circle – In the sign of Cancer – 28th June

Luna’s Reflections – New Moon Circle – In the sign of Cancer – 28th June


We meet again for another magical evening that combines Astrological Insights and Embodiment practices, Guided Meditative Sound Journeys and much more, in ceremonial space, to explore, express and connect with the energies of the time surrounding the New Moon in the sign of Cancer. 

Tuesday 28th June


Location: Goddess House, 28 Magdalene St, Glastonbury BA6 9EJ (no parking available at the venue)



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In the first part of the evening I will offer astrological insight into the energies of the New Moon in an interactive, tagible, playful and embodied way and we will then connect with these energies together, through a variety of creative practices. You will  receive some practical guidance on how to incorporate the teachings and the medicine of the explored planetay archetypes into your own well being practices and day to day life.

The, using a variety of instruments, including the shamanic drum, rattles, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, chimes & my Voice, I will gently guide you into a meditative Sound journey to connect and integrate the curative energies of the time and explore your own inner relationship with the zodiacal energies and receive your own inner guidance.

Ancestral songs of longing and grief, joy and celebration, gratitude and comfort are weaved into the fabric of the Sound journeys, intuitively tailored to the astrological themes explored in each unique gathering.

I like to incorporate smells such as incense and natural oils and essences, to enhance the experience and bring in Nature’s medicines into the space, so please let me know of sensitivities to certain smells.

Bring water, pen and paper and something warm and cosy to wrap yourself with.

See you there