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90 Minutes Birth Chart Reading




Deep Immersion into your Birth chart, exploring specific themes and signatures, main transits for the year ahead, combined with a Guided Visualization Journey and practical techniques to assist you in your further self development journey and to better understand and integrate the insights gained.


This reading is designed for you, if you wish to go deeper into the exploration of  your birth chart and the archetypal dynamics that make up the unique expression of you, both conscious and unconscious. Combining sound, guided visualizations and other creative arts, I will facilitate a process of deep Self Discovery, in opening, crafting and making available a sacred space where healing can occur.

The transits and progressions of the planets in the sky can bring change, opportunity, healing and spiritual growth. Throughout your reading, I guide you through these transits and their meanings, giving you the information and tools to better understand yourself and these opportunities, to look at where you are now and where the planets are reflecting your path ahead as part of your soul’s journey.

You will receive guidance to navigate any current worries or concerns and validation in your path moving forward. This reading is an excellent way to explore the current (and emerging) themes of your life, important timing, and how you can best work with upcoming astrological energy.

Your chart evolves with you and this reading aligns you with the present dynamics of the celestial dance.

You will also be given one or more practices (sound healing, art therapy technique, mantra, yoga asana, etc.) uniquely tailored to your birth chart that you can incorporate in your day-to-day life to assist in the integration of new insights, practices that could become your allies to further support you on your own journey of transformation, self exploration and growth.

Once you have booked online, you will receive an email from me with more details on how to schedule and prepare for the session.

You will need to provide your exact date, time and place of birth.

Consultations that place on Zoom. A recording of the session can be emailed to you as an mp4 video file at no extra cost.

Please feel free to get acquainted with my policies and code of conduct as well, which you will find below.