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60 Minutes Birth Chart Reading



This reading is for you if you are new to astrology and maybe this is your first birth chart reading or you just want a fresh perspective and guidance on how to put all the zodiacal puzzle pieces together, for a newer and deeper understanding of your natal chart.

You can use this time to ask a specific question and explore what your natal chart may have to say about you or certain areas of your life (i.e., career, relationships, family influence, or psychological patterns) or get specific insight into certain placements.


In this session, we follow together the astrological symbols, the myths, the stories and energetic blueprints in your natal chart, all of which help place your question and/or intention in a wider context, offering wisdom in unexpected ways and highlighting possible areas of growth.

This consultation is designed to support you in any area of life where you may seek more clarity or guidance. Like with any spiritual practice, coming with a question or concern can open up the sacred circle where guidance can be revealed and deeper insight can be gained.

It is my aim that my readings will give you a sense of remembering your truest self and offer you strength, lucidity, peace and excitement when it comes to how to proceed forward on your journey at this time in your life.

Once you have booked online, you will receive an email from me with more details on how to schedule and prepare for the session.

You will need to provide your exact date, time and place of birth.

Consultations take place on Zoom. A recording of the session can be emailed to you as an mp4 video file at no extra cost.

Please feel free to get acquainted with my policies and code of conduct as well, which you will find here below.