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"My session with Andreea was unlike any reading I had before. Her energy is incredibly beautiful and she has an amazing gift for astrology. The blend of chart reading with her shamanic guidance was so powerful. During her guided meditation, she led me to a version of myself I had not yet met and I continue to carry that strong woman inside of me. Truly life changing."

 ( Kelly Vittengl)

Andreea, among many things, is a visionary communicator who embodies the spirit of Avalon. Whether you’re outdoors sharing nature with her or indoors becoming more in touch with yourself, she’s a wonderful guide. When you’re walking and working with her you’ll find that the things she points out and the questions she asks are tools that help you to open yourself, to become your own guide. How do I know this? I was part of a group she led and still remember and use what I learned after she helped me to open my eyes.

( Jim Maney)

“My journey began with a cup of sacred cacao, before lying down on a cosy bed in front of a fire, Andreea began her healing sound journey which was coupled by an amazing visualisation, I surrendered to the amazing vibrations that allowed my body to sink deep and soak up all the healing energies, I felt so held and nurtured and I can highly recommend a sound journey with Andreea.”

 ( Catherine Pilgrim)

Dear Andreea, thank you, that day set me free, it signalled the end of a struggle to fit with the wrong people and gave me the strength to start a new journey with a fresh mind and a reassurance that I’m not alone. (Emma Amini)

After just one session with Andreea, I feel as if i have known her always….I found her reading to be accurate, helpful and insightful. I left feeling that I knew very clearly what I needed to do to open my heart and Andreea made it feel so simple.

 (With love, Gary)

“It was my first experience of a reading of any sort so I didn't really know what to expect, so I am so grateful to Andreea for making it such a nurturing and enjoyable experience. Andreea was so warm and engaging, and made me feel totally at ease as she was reading the charts. I left feeing comforted and understood for the first time in a long time! We ended the session with a beautiful sound meditation and visualization that Andreea talked me through; it was incredibly relaxing and comforting as her voice is so soothing. I would recommend this 100 times over if you are curious at all about having an Astrology reading. I look forward to seeing Andreea again in the future! "

( Jemma)