Astrology COnsultations

Your astrological birth chart is your celestial "blueprint" of your soul's journey in this lifetime; a star map for your evolutionary intentions. Working with your astrology can help awaken and deepen your connection with your true self, can bring inspiration, clarity, and purpose, and guide you on your path back to wholeness.

It is my work and my passion to bring to life, communicate, translate astrological dynamics into a language of the body, mind and soul that can assist in the unfolding of one's uniqueness and potential.

The astrological consultation with me can assists in gaining a deeper understanding of your own nature and the way you relate to the world, enhancing the ability to see everything around as an opportunity to be more creative in yourself and more conscious in your response to the everyday situations in your life.

We will be exploring different themes, symbols, patterns and perspectives to mobilize the healing powers of your psyche and to assist in you gaining a deeper understanding of your unique Voice, gifts and talents, challenges and lessons.

Drawing on your birth chart, I help facilitate an alchemical process of deep self-discovery, incorporating sound, shamanic practice, guided visualizations, masks, and other creative arts to open a sacred space where healing and true transformation can occur and where you can awaken, communicate with and embody your true, unique expression.

My readings are not predictive, because I strongly believe that we always have free will and the power to co-create with the Universe.

Online astrology COnsultations

60 Minutes Birth Chart Reading

90 Minutes Birth Chart Reading 

In-Person astrology


120 Minutes Embodied Astrology Consultation

90 Minutes Astro Drama Consultation

After working with hundreds of clients, I observed and I believe that we all carry the answers we are looking for within us and that these astrology readings are a reflection of that and they are truly divinely guided and perfectly timed. 

It is my aim that my readings will merely gift you with a space where you can be in your true presence and inner knowing, deeper understanding and peace and they will offer you more clarity on how to proceed forward on your journey of becoming.  

It is my hope that all my clients who come to me feel uplifted, inspired and energised by their experience and that my reading can bring loving guidance that is both supportive and useful.

What clients Say

The blend of chart reading with her shamanic guidance was so powerful!

My session with Andreea was unlike any reading I had before. Her energy is incredibly beautiful and she has an amazing gift for astrology. The blend of chart reading with her shamanic guidance was so powerful.  During her guided meditation, she led me to a version of myself I had not yet met and I continue to carry that strong woman inside of me. Truly life changing.

Kelly Vittengl

I would recommend this 100 times over if you are curious at all about having an Astrology reading.

It was my first experience of a reading of any sort so I didn't really know what to expect, so I am so grateful to Andreea for making it such a nurturing and enjoyable experience. Andreea was so warm and engaging, and made me feel totally at ease as she was reading the charts. I left feeing comforted and understood for the first time in a long time! We ended the session with a beautiful sound meditation and visualization that Andreea talked me through; it was incredibly relaxing and comforting as her voice is so soothing. I would recommend this 100 times over if you are curious at all about having an Astrology reading. I look forward to seeing Andreea again in the future!


Dear Andreea, thank you, that day set me free.

It signalled the end of a struggle to fit with the wrong people and gave me the strength to start a new journey with a fresh mind and a reassurance that I’m not alone.


I had an amazing in-depth natal chart session with Andreea. Her knowledge of the Zodiac, along with her intuition, astounded me and I felt like she really understood me and my current situation. Andreea's use of masks and sound really helped to cement the information and learning and I came away feeling empowered to take on board all that I had learnt that day.

Jessica Lucas

“ Andreea's reading was so totally unique, encompassing of such depth insight and intuitive support, her technique and gathering of so much detail, helped me really clarify a lot in my life. Her deep understanding with such sensitivity, helping me in the guidance into my own psyche.

I thank her for this profound experience and all the important points she shared with me, she is a wonderfully open spirit, intimate and thoughtful, in how she holds the space, in how to expand taking away any restriction, not to identify in limitation, but to hold space to live and learn and grow from. Andreea knows how to stay out of the box and be immensely creative and healing in this process, that she so enjoys and loves to share.

 I recommend her highly with much love and blessing."

Nicola Wager

"Andreea has an amazing and beautiful gift. With sensitivity, wisdom and
discernment she will look deep into your soul and truly see you and
commune with you there at your point of need. Through journeying, music
and art Andreea will bring healing and restoration to your soul and shed
light where there was once darkness".

Richard Wood

“A session with Andreea is so much more than just an astrological reading. It's an experiential journey through the archetypes of the zodiac to the heart of your being. Her sound healing is very powerful and her incredible voice stirs up something deep inside that unlocks your inner guidance. Transformational.”

jacqueline haigh

“Thank you so much for the amazing reading - I’ve been enjoying feeling how it’s unfolding in me. I keep getting flashes of the masks and the different signs at certain times, and I feel inspired about my next steps forward - it’s wonderful! And many other embodied insights! It was so rich, you’re a genius :)))

Louisa Henderson

I had a session with Andreea, who I met only days before. I was attending an event she organized in the Goddess House in Glastonbury after the full moon. I felt immense resonance with her words and her Genuity and I asked her to do a one-to-one session with me. I feel deep gratitude for the clarity and love that were channelled through Andreea during the session. The wisdom and insights shared gave me immense support in my process and I could release feelings of guilt and rejection.

I was honoured to experience the power of Sacred Masks and become receptive to this guidance. Andreea holds the space in full presence and sacredness, she is herself as genuine as one can aim to be. I not only found in her a soul guide but a soul sister. Whoever looks for guidance through her, is definitely in good hands. Much love from Ecuador!

Vesper Paula