Pisces Walk

£65.00 £60.00

The seasonal time of Pisces portrays a period of atmospheric turbulence as torrents of rain and winds descent upon the land. The watery earth and the warmer temperatures serve to wash away the winter’s snow and ice. The land becomes moist and fertile, receptive to the spring planting and allows the seeds and buds of Aries to blossom forth in life. Depending on the quality of human perception, at the gates of Pisces season, the human being decides upon its next spiritual and material developments: circular and repetitive or spiraling and transforming.

Come and be open to receive, learn about and embody the medicine of Pisces that carries traditions of compassion, imagination, empathy, selfless service, inner life, devotion, sacrifice, dreams and mysticism, ecstasy and transcendence, creativity and intuition, surrender, unity, vision.

Date: 12th of March, 2022 10am

Location: Glastonbury, you will receive exact location details through email

Focus: appendix, feet, pineal gland, right brain function, water in the body